Interchangeable concept

The concept of interchangeable flaps

For a few years now, I have dedicated myself to a main collection of interchangeable flap bags.


I've been making shoulder bags since 2006. What I love most is making them all unique, never the same. There is always a little difference between the choice of colors and patterns. The problem is that it becomes difficult for customers to choose just one. So in 2015, I had the desire to carry out this crazy project of having a collection without limits. Without limits of what? Choice, creativity, design, colors, fun.   

Why not offer the possibility to customers to be able to change the theme of their bag according to the mood, the season, the clothes, the occasion, etc…. And in addition, I will never have any design limitations again! Everything is possible! Screen printing, embroidery, patchwork, image transfer.

How does it work?

First, we need the basic bag. It is available in different sizes which suit different needs. The flaps are attached to it with a separable zipper (as we see on jackets, for example). And There you go!

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