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Small size

What it can contain: Wallet, key, phone, and there is room for a packet of gum and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. I have clients who have told me that their iPad mini fits in the bag.

Utility: It's a little bag that I like when I'm going for a walk, going out, when I know I'm going to be standing for a long time. The strap is adjustable, which makes the format suitable for children as well.

Volume: 6 '' X 7.5 '' X 1.25 ''

Medium size:

What it can containWallet, keys, electronic tablet, diary, etc.

UtilityIt's a good everyday size, not too big, not too small. This is the best seller size for a casual bag that is also light itself. 

Volume : 9.25 '' X 9.25 '' X 1.75 ''


Large size:

What it may contain: The basics and more. This size can also be practical for dragging a small jacket in the summer or putting in your hat and mittens in the winter. You can fit a small laptop or an 8½ "X 11" document. 

UtilityFor people who like to have a little more room. I have a friend who calls it her ''mum's bag'', she has all her essentials in there. Personally, I like to run errands with this size. I leave almost empty and fill it on the way! Men also generally choose this size.

Volume : 11.5 '' X 10 '' X 2 ''

Giant size:

What it may contain: Its name says it, this bag is very big! I could start listing, but that would take too long!

Utility : Some use it as a diaper bag, school bag, tote bag. It’s also a good bag when going for the weekend. 

Volume : 16.5 '' X 12 '' X 4 ''


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