Welcome to Création Sarcastik

We are happy to welcome you to our online store. We offer you unique and original products, made with passion in our workshop. Good visit!

A personal note

Mom and seamstress

My name is Sara and I am the owner and designer behind Création Sarcastik. Through our shop, you will find a multitude of unique, colorful and original creations. I have this habit of never making 2 copies exactly the same. I am inspired by nature, animals, but I also love little monsters and things that are out of the ordinary. I love to create and let my imagination run wild.

I work from my workshop at home. We are there in a rural and family environment. Recently, life has pampered me as a little girl lively in body and mind, who is now part of my daily life and that of the workshop. I have to admit that for an entrepreneur it’s a little challenge, but for a mom it’s the life I’ve always dreamed of!

You can come back to us often, subscribe to the newsletter, or follow us on social media to find out when new things will be added to the site. Thank you with all my heart for following our progress and supporting our small local business :)

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