My name and Sara and I’m the one behind the Creation Sarcastik label. 
I'm a designer who loves the out of the ordinary, bright colors and quirky patterns. I studied textile printing and garment making. I immediately discovered a passion for sewing.
After my studies, I wanted to create an authentic and original line of accessories. Founded in 2007, my small business allows me to harness my creativity and offer practical and sustainable products. Since 2016, I have been focusing on my collection of interchangeable flap bags which allow customers to make their own bag and offer the option to change their look in seconds. The possibilities at the creative level are limitless!

I am a creator, craftswoman and designer, I wear all hats! For the bag designs, I am very inspired by animals and nature. On products, there is always a figurative subject that customers like to identify with. All cuttings are kept to make accessories, cases, buttons, quilts or appliques. I love standing in front of a mountain of scraps and arranging patterns!


I have a workshop at home in Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada. We are in a rural and forest environment, a perfect place for creation. 

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